what do we do?



A big selection of tent possibilities. Depending on the function and the aesthetics of the environment. We can offer a wide selection of colours, materials, styles and more.  Have a look in the gallery for more pictures or contact us for an offer.


We offer flooring deals to complete the setup. To match your overall style, you can choose a color and material. For more details, contact us.


Our latest project is creating a healthier energy drink. After travelling the Americas, we discovered their alternative for coffee – a tea called “Yerba Mate”. Seeing it pop up around Europe as an iced tea drink, we were excited about this new trend. We wanted something more specific, with a taste of Yerba Mate with a smooth, classic ice-tea finish. for more info go to

Lights & sound

Cosy ambiance or full disco? Sound for a band or dj?
We can provide a small setup. If you are looking for something bigger, we work together with City-Sounds Ghent and are happy to provide the transport and setup!

Decoration & more

You have a concept for your event? Communicate your vision!